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The Last Agent Charles Jenkins Series Spy Thriller Thomas & Mercer Print, Digital, Audio 405 pages Amazon

Publisher Description

An American operative in Russia is on the run for his life in a thriller of heart-stopping betrayal and international intrigue by the New York Times bestselling author of The Eighth Sister.

Betrayed by his own country and tried for treason, former spy Charles Jenkins survived an undercover Russian operation gone wrong. Exonerated, bitter, and safe, the retired family man is through with duplicitous spy games. Then he learns of a woman isolated in Moscow’s notorious Lefortovo Prison.

If it’s Paulina Ponomayova, the agent who sacrificed her life to save his, Jenkins can’t leave her behind. But there’s no guarantee it’s her. Or proof Paulina is still alive. To find out, Jenkins must return to Russia. Next move: blackmail Viktor Federov, a former Russian officer with his own ax to grind, into helping him infiltrate Lefortovo. The enemy who once pursued Jenkins across three continents is now the only man Jenkins can trust.

Every step of the way—from Moscow to Scandinavia to the open ocean—they’re hunted by a brutal Russian agent on a killer quest of his own. Out of loyalty to Paulina—dead or alive—Jenkins is putting everyone’s life on the line for a new mission that could be his last.

Thrilling Reads Review

Robert Dugoni delivers another taut spy thriller with THE LAST AGENT. It’s the second book in the Charles Jenkins series. The first book, THE EIGHTH SISTER was a pulse-pounding thriller full of action and treachery featuring an a former CIA officer at a crossroads who accepts a dangerous mission because he needed the money. A nice twist to these type of thrillers. Jenkins is in his sixties with an infant child so he’s not your typical action hero which makes these books even more compelling to read.

Just like he did in the first book, Dugoni delivers with the intrigue, globe-trotting, and action in this new story, THE LAST AGENT along with more espionage, fearsome Russian agents, and double-crossing.

Dugoni continues to overdeliver by bringing us a nuance, not your typical spy hero in Charles Jenkins. A man in his sixties with a child who keeps getting sucked into field work by the CIA when he’s asked to help extract Paulina Ponomayova from the infamous Lefortovo prison in Moscow. She’s the Russian who saved Jenkins in the first book, so he feels indebted to her, so he agrees.

From there we’re off to the races in a thrilling, fast-action adventure expertly crafted and delivered by Robert Dugoni.

Robert Dugoni Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Dugoni for my podcast (Meet the Thriller Author) during the publication of THE EIGHTH SISTER. Click on the banner below or here to listen to the interview.

Robert Dugoni Interview
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