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Thrilling Reads Review It’s been a few years since the last Doc Ford book, but Randy Wayne White returns with “One Deadly Eye,” the twenty-eighth…

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Book review of John Sandford’s latest thriller, “Toxic Prey. Thrilling Reads Review John Sandford remains a titan in the thriller genre, and his latest entry…

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Publisher’s Description Danny Barrett is caught between a family of criminals and the psychopath who is tracking them in the latest novel of the series…

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Publisher’s Description Blood roars in Josie’s ears as they circle the tree in the deep snow. A woman lies still on the freezing ground. The…

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Malibu Burning Book Review (Thrilling Reads Review) In “Malibu Burning,” the acclaimed Lee Goldberg introduces us to the first installment of a riveting new series….

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Thrilling Reads Book Review Ryan Steck is well known in the thriller book community as an influencer and book reviewer behind the popular website The…

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The Thirst would have been much better as a tightly written, fast-paced…

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A Cadillac, a pistol, and a corpse make for another morning in Chicago.

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