Review: Face Her Fear by Lisa Regan

Face Her Fear by Lisa Regan. Book review and author interview.

Publisher’s Description

Blood roars in Josie’s ears as they circle the tree in the deep snow. A woman lies still on the freezing ground. The howling wind lifts the last of the snow clinging to her face, exposing her lovely features, frozen in forever sleep.

Detective Josie Quinn is still recovering from the killing of a beloved member of her team when she and her husband Noah receive yet more devastating news. Close to her breaking point, Josie heads to a specialist trauma retreat,set in an isolated group of log cabins in the mountains of Pennsylvania. But fear is not far behind her. Josie’s five fellow patients all seem to be hiding secrets darker than just the problems that brought them there and a storm is gathering, with thick snow coming down fast, isolating the cabins from the world below.

Then one morning, Meg Cleary disappears. Having spent years living in terror of a stalker, Meg had come to the retreat to try to piece her life back together. But now, her cabin is empty, no logs are burning in her fireplace, no tracks in the snow lead to or from her door. Quickly organizing a search, Josie’s worst fear is realized when she finds Meg’s body lying in the snow, the marks around her neck revealing that her death was no accident.

And this is no normal case, as Josie is stranded without her team, a phone signal or any legal authority to investigate. When she discovers that someone has placed hidden cameras inside the retreat buildings, Josie’s terror grows with the knowledge that the murderer is among them.

Then another patient goes missing. With their food supplies running low and no chance of escape, Josie knows that she is in the greatest danger of her life, and that she alone has a chance to identify the killer and save the rest of the group before it’s too late.

About this book: 385 pages. Publisher: Bookoture. Pub date: 01/30/2024.

Thrilling Reads Review

I’m a big fan of Lisa Regan and this series. So I was excited to dive into the 19th book of the Josie Quinn series.

In “Face Her Fear” by Lisa Regan, we’re plunged into a wilderness setting that’s both new to this long-running series, yet, still utterly true to the essence of Josie Quinn.

The story takes place in a remote winter camp, where Josie, amidst a motley crew of individuals grappling with their mental well-being, finds herself in a dire situation. The disappearance and subsequent death of a fellow camper thrusts Josie into an unforeseen survival challenge, stripped of power and with scanty cell reception.

The dual narrative threads, weaving between Josie’s harrowing ordeal at the camp and Noah’s desperate efforts to reach her, add a compelling depth to the storyline, further enriched by a pre-retreat conflict between the duo. As Detective Quinn is forced to rely predominantly on her wits and detective acumen amidst a raging blizzard, the story captivates with its brisk pace, the introduction of intriguing new characters, and a meticulously unraveled murder mystery.

Regan’s writing and storytelling mastery shines as she propels Josie, largely isolated, to tap into her team’s expertise through fleeting cellular connections, spotlighting her as the linchpin of this enthralling tale. The narrative is rife with misleading clues and deceptive trails, skillfully leading readers on an exhilarating journey through the Pennsylvanian woods. The novel not only showcases the enduring bond and mutual respect between Noah and Josie but also highlights Josie’s relentless tenacity and survival instincts.

This addition to the Josie Quinn series stands out for its rich character development, engrossing plot, and a resolution that leaves readers thoroughly satisfied. It’s a compelling read for fans of police procedurals who appreciate a formidable and intellectually astute protagonist. “Face Her Fear” setting is different compared to previous books, but it is a nice addition in the series, offering a perfect blend of suspense, emotional depth, and detective prowess.

Author Interview

I had the pleasure to interview Lisa Regan for my podcast, MEET THE THRILLER AUTHOR. You catch the interview down below or on your favorite podcasting app.

It's safe to say that Alan Petersen loves mystery and thriller books. He writes high-octane thrillers, hosts the MEET THE THRILLER AUTHOR podcast, and reviews thriller/mystery books.

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  1. I love Lisa Regan! I have read all her books. Loved the interview you did with Lisa on your podcast. Thanks!

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