Review: Down Range by Taylor Moore

Down Range by Taylor moore review.

Publisher Description

In this action-packed debut thriller for fans of C. J. Box and Jack Carr, DEA agent Garrett Kohl fights to protect his home on the Texas High Plains when a vicious criminal enterprise comes after his family.

As a decorated undercover DEA special agent, Garrett Kohl has traveled the world—and fought in most of it—but it’s the High Plains of northwest Texas he calls home and dreams of returning to one day. Kohl is in the middle of an assignment in Afghanistan when his commander orders him back to Texas on a short mission expected to take a week at most. But Kohl is unsettled to discover that he’s moving from one kind of war to another.

The once-peaceful ranching community he loves is under attack by a band of criminals who have infiltrated law enforcement and corrupted local businesses, and are now terrorizing Kohl’s own family. Hoping to prevent bloodshed, Kohl tries to resolve matters peacefully. But when the group strikes first, he has no choice but to go on the attack.

Unfortunately for the crew of criminals, Garrett Kohl, besides being an elite undercover officer for the DEA, is a battle-hardened Green Beret who spent the better part of his career hunting terrorists. Although outnumbered and outgunned, Kohl knows the wild and forsaken Llano Estacado region of Texas better than anyone. And like so many trespassers before them, these murderers will find out the hard way that the only thing tougher than this land is the people who call it home.

Thrilling Reads Review

A character-driven, action-packed thriller set in the High Planes of northwest Texas. Taylor Moore masterfully intertwines a taut military thriller with a western. Although there is a lot of action in this book it’s the characters and the focus of a family in crisis that puts this book in its own category.

I enjoyed the Garrett Kohl character, a former Army Green Beret turned DEA special agent.

The book opens in Afganistan and the horrors of that war and then moves to Texas where Garrett is an undercover DEA agent fighting another brutal war on American soil.

Taylor Moore’s Down Range was a great thrilling read.

Interview with the Author Taylor Moore

I interveiwed Taylor Moore for my podcast, MEET THE THRILLER AUTHOR. You can listen to our conversation about writing, the CIA (Taylor Moore is a former CIA Officer) and a lot more.

It's safe to say that Alan Petersen loves mystery and thriller books. He writes high-octane thrillers, hosts the MEET THE THRILLER AUTHOR podcast, and reviews thriller/mystery books.

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