Hi there! My name is Alan Petersen and I’m the author of both thrillers and cozy mysteries (under a pseudonym). I’ve been an avid reader of mystery and thriller novels for as long as I can recall and it’s what I read every day, with occasional forays into non-fiction.

When I fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming an author, it was natural for me to write in the thriller genre.

As I started my podcast, where I interview thriller and mystery authors, I began receiving advance review copies from authors, their publicists, and publishers. This inspired me to start this website, which focuses on reviewing thriller books.

About the Podcast

Meet the Thriller Author Podcast

My passion for thrillers led me to start my podcast, “MEET THE THRILLER AUTHOR,” in 2015. Here, I interview successful authors of mystery, thrillers, and suspense books, starting with my writer friends. To date, I have interviewed over 200 talented authors, including legends like Dean Koontz, Walter Mosley, Tess Gerritsen, Marcia Clark, Peter May, Gregg Hurwitz, Lee Child, and many others. You can listen to my podcast by clicking here.

As I am constantly reading thrillers and mysteries, I decided to share my thoughts on the books I read and started reviewing them. That’s how this website came to be. I hope it helps you discover new and beloved novels to enjoy.

About my Book Reviews

If you’re wondering about star classification system and about my book reviewing “system”, you can learn more about that here.