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Thrilling Reads Review In “Blessing of the Lost Girls,” J.A. Jance masterfully combines characters from two of her long-standing series into a standalone narrative, creating…

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Thrilling Reads Review Isabela Maldonado’s The Cipher was one of my favorite thrillers from 2020 and the Nina Guerrera series has become one of my…

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Thrilling Reads Review This is the second book in the Nina Guerrera series by Isabella Maldonado, who’s become one of my favorite thriller authors. The…

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Thrilling Reads Review New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones delivers a creepy new thriller that will keep you on the edge of your…

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It’s a mystery, a serial killer thriller, that diverges into science fiction and the supernatural. Oh and a love story, too…

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He appears in the darkness like a ghost, made of shadows and fear—the Midnight Man.

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Thrilling Reads Review I’ve enjoyed discovering Dan Padavona’s books this year. Don’t Breathe is the third I’ve read in his creepy Darkwater Cover series featuring…

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This is a gripping, heart-pounding thriller with sharp plotting, interesting and conflicted characters, and a fascinating antagonist.

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As a longtime fan of T.R. Ragan, I was excited when she agreed to be a guest on my podcast! You can check out my…

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Omer for my podcast back in 2019. You can check out the interview down below.

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