Review: Thicker Than Blood by Mike Omer

Title: Thicker Than Blood Book Cover
Title: Thicker Than Blood Series: Zoe Bentley #3 Genre: Serial Killer Thriller Publisher: Thomas and Mercer Format: Print, Digital, Audio Pages: 427

Book Description

A murderer who drinks his victim’s blood? FBI profiler Zoe Bentley and Agent Tatum Gray thought they’d seen it all, but this young woman’s barbaric murder is especially hard to stomach.

They didn’t expect to work this case. But vampirism aside, the murderer’s MO is identical to that of Rod Glover—the serial killer who’s been pursuing Zoe since childhood. Forensics reveals the murder to be his work, but not his alone; desperate to fulfill his sick purpose, he has taken on an equally depraved partner.

Zoe’s own frustration grows after another woman turns up dead and drained—and another goes missing. Time is running out: Zoe knows her own death will be the climax of Glover’s sinister play, which has been unfolding for twenty years. To stop Glover and his vile partner, she’ll need to plunge deep into their motives; but this means drawing ever closer to becoming another casualty of a dark, dark thirst.


The serial killer thriller sub-genre is one of my favorites to read. I discovered Mike Omer a couple years ago, and I’ve enjoyed his books in the Zoe Bentley series. THICKER THAN BLOOD is the third in the series. It follows Zoe Bentley who’s an FBI profiler and her partner Special Agent Tatum Gray as they’re investigating gruesome murders from a serial killer who drinks his victim’s blood.

This book loops back into the overarching series plotline between Zoe Bentley and serial killer Rod Glover, and it wraps it up nicely. Rod Glover was her former childhood neighborhood whom she’s been trying to stop since she was a child. It’s an intriguing cat-and-mouse relationship between Bentley and Glover, which adds a fascinating twist to the series.

My only criticism of the book is that ended up slowing down a little towards the middle into 420+ pages. That’s not to say that this wasn’t an enjoyable read, and I’ll continue to gobble up Mike Omer’s books.

A little warning might be in order, Mike Omer comes up with the most creative and disturbing kill methods for his killers. This book is no different with a killer that drinks his victim’s blood. Some scenes were pretty intense. I expect it in these types of books, but just a warning.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Omer for my podcast back in 2019. You can check out the interview down below.

My 2019 interview with Mike Omer for the podcast.
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