Review: Ocean Prey by John Sandford

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An off-duty Coast Guardsman is fishing with his family when he calls in some suspicious behavior from a nearby boat. It’s a snazzy craft, slick and outfitted with extra horsepower, and is zipping along until it slows to pick up a surfaced diver . . . a diver who was apparently alone, without his own boat, in the middle of the ocean. None of it makes sense unless there’s something hinky going on, and his hunch is proved right when all three Guardsmen who come out to investigate are shot and killed.

They’re federal officers killed on the job, which means the case is the FBI’s turf. When the FBI’s investigation stalls out, they call in Lucas Davenport. And when his case turns lethal, Davenport will need to bring in every asset he can claim, including a detective with a fundamentally criminal mind: Virgil Flowers.

Thrilling Reads Ocean Prey Review

Full disclosure: John Sandford is one of my top five favorite crime thriller authors. I first became interested in his books because he set them in Minnesota. I used to live in Minnesota and my wife was is from there. So it was cool to read an action-packed crime thriller set there.

OCEAN PREY is the 31st book in the Prey Series! It’s been my favorite of the last few Prey books. It features both of John Sandford’s iconic characters, Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers.

The story mostly takes place in Florida. It starts off with an off-duty Coast Guardsman witnessing a suspicious boat and diver bringing up containers from the down below so he alerts the Coast Guard.

A three-man crew attempts to board the boat but the suspects open fire killing all three Coast Guardsmen. The off-duty Coast Guardsman gives chase on his personal boat. After a shoot-out with the killers he kills one but the others get away.

The dead man is a locally hired thug, which doesn’t lead to the identity of the killers or whom they were working for and what they were doing out in the ocean.

What was in those containers? Drugs? Something else?

An FBI-lead Taskforce is formed to track down the killers but after months of being unable to make progress Lucas Davenport with the U.S. Marshals Service is asked to help.

As Lucas closes in, things turn even deadlier, hitting close to home for Lucas. So he brings in Virgil Flowers into a dangerous undercover mission to bring these killers to justice.

There is a lot of high-paced action with humor from the great characters Sandford creates. If you’re a fan of action-packed police proceduals, you’ll like OCEAN PREY.

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