Review: Don’t Breathe by Dan Padavona

Don't Breathe by Dan Padavona. Book review.

Publisher Description

The authorities claim the serial killer doesn’t exist.

Only Darcy has the unwavering courage to follow his deadly trail.

One dead girl at a popular campsite. A second woman’s corpse tossed along a running trail. And unexplainable spider bites on both victims.

After the medical examiner concludes both women died from venomous spider bites, the police want to close the case. Then a third woman goes missing, and Darcy discovers a dangerous man linked to the three victims.

Is a murderer stalking the darkness?

While Darcy and Ketchum hunt an invisible killer, a crooked police officer from Darcy’s past throws roadblocks in front of them. Who is he trying to protect?

Darcy must catch a serial killer before sunset. If she fails, the woman dies.

Thrilling Reads Review

I’ve enjoyed discovering Dan Padavona’s books this year. Don’t Breathe is the third I’ve read in his creepy Darkwater Cover series featuring FBI profiler Darcy Gellar. This is the sixth book in that series.

Padavona keeps you turning page in a race against the clock story to save a woman from becoming another victim from a serial killer.

Victim’s are showing up dead with venomous spider bites which causes most officials to see these cases as tragic accidents not serial murder.

Kudos to Mr. Padavona for coming with a unique premise on how the victim’s are killed. He delivers characters you’ll come to care for during the run of the series.

The book has short, creepy chapters keeping the story moving along to its climatic conclusion. Warning if you spiders give you the heebie-jeebies your skin will crawl, but in a good way.

Meet the Author: Interview with Dan Padanova

I interviewed this author for my podcast, Meet the Thriller Author. You can watch the interview below or check the podcast for the audio version.

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