Review: A Different Dawn by Isabella Maldonado

Publisher’s Description

For nearly thirty years a serial killer has been hiding in plain sight. So has the key to an FBI agent’s dark past.

A family is murdered as they sleep. FBI Special Agent Nina Guerrera and her new team are tasked with determining whether there is any link between this attack and another triple homicide from four years earlier and more than two thousand miles away. In the process, they’ll discover a serial killer so cunning that his grisly trail of death spanning nearly three decades has gone undetected. Each crime scene reminds Nina of the ghostly Latin folktale of La Llorona, which terrified her when she was an abandoned and vulnerable child. Now it’s back to haunt her.

Nina has known evil, but these macabre reenactments are as disturbing as they are baffling. Now she must uncover the meaning behind the rituals as the evidence leads her in an unexpected direction—far closer to home than anyone could have imagined. As the team narrows in on a suspect, the present collides with Nina’s past in a twist of fate that forces her to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Thrilling Reads Review

This is the second book in the Nina Guerrera series by Isabella Maldonado, who’s become one of my favorite thriller authors. The first book in this series, The Cipher, made my top ten favorite thriller books of 2020. You can read my review for that book here.

This book is another superb, chilling thriller from Isabella Maldonado who not only writes a creepy thriller but she does a wonderful job in bringing some great, unique characters to life.

The writer’s background as a former police officer with decades of experience adds authenticity to the story. In this book, FBI special agent Nina Guerrera uncovers a serial killer who has gone under the radar for decades. The crimes are chilling–the killer targets young families with a newborn baby, but the taut storytelling and vivid characters makes this an enjoyable read, despite the dark subject.

Having been born and raised in Costa Rica, I enjoy seeing Latino culture in the storytelling and as any latino kid can access La Llorona is an urban legend that kept us up and tonight, regardless of which Latin America country you grew up in, so it was awesome to see that legend featured in the story.

Interview with the Author: Isabella Maldonado

I had the pleasure to interview Isabella Maldonado on my podcast. You can catch that interview here.

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