Review: The Unspoken by Ian K. Smith

Title: The Unspoken Book Cover
Title: The Unspoken Series: Ashe Cayne Genre: Thriller and Suspense Publisher: Thomas & Mercer Format: All Pages: 295 Order: Amazon

Description (From the Publisher)

Former Chicago detective Ashe Cayne is desperate for redemption. After refusing to participate in a police department cover-up involving the death of a young black man, Cayne is pushed out of the force. But he won’t sit quietly on the sidelines: he’s compelled to fight for justice as a private investigator…even if it means putting himself in jeopardy.

When a young woman, Tinsley Gerrigan, goes missing, her wealthy parents from the North Shore hire Cayne to find her. As Cayne looks into her life and past, he uncovers secrets Tinsley’s been hiding from her family. Cayne fears he may never find Tinsley alive.

His worries spike when Tinsley’s boyfriend is found dead—another black man murdered on the tough Chicago streets. Cayne must navigate his complicated relationships within the Chicago PD, leveraging his contacts and police skills to find the missing young woman, see justice done, and earn his redemption.

Thrilling Reads Book Review

The Unspoken is a new series set in Chicago. Ashe Cayne is the protagonist. He’s a former Chicago PD detective who is now a private investigator. They forced him out of the department after refusing to take part in a cover-up involving the death of a man.

Working as a PI he’s hired by a wealthy North Shore woman to find her missing daughter.

The investigation gets into murky water fast, offering plenty of twists for the reader.

The story offers an interesting look at the city of Chicago. Its politics, police, and gulf between the rich and the poor.

There is a subplot with a priest which I didn’t find necessary, but aside from that it’s a good mystery thriller with intriguing characters. I enjoyed The Unspoken and am looking forward to another book featuring Ashe Cayne.

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