Review: Shadow’s Secret by Mary Stone

Publisher’s Description

Following the incident that brought justice to her parents’ killers but ended her career, former FBI Special Agent Rebecca West needs a fresh start. Hoping to find peace, she decides to spend a few months in the sleepy beach town of Shadow Island, where she spent idyllic summers as a kid.

However, her vacation is cut short when a seventeen-year-old goes missing with no leads or clues. When the girl’s body is found in a nearby marsh with strangulation marks around her neck, Rebecca can’t say no when the overworked sheriff asks her to help investigate.

Rebecca’s gut tells her that on the small island, the murder hadn’t been a chance encounter. But who would want the likable teen in a seemingly sweet and innocent relationship with her boyfriend dead? And why?

Rebecca soon discovers something bigger is going on around Shadow Island, something involving an enigmatic Yacht Club that no one will talk about…but that just might hold the keys to solving the girl’s murder. But who are they willing to kill to keep their secrets buried?

Thrilling Reads Review

Shadow’s Secret, by Mary Stone and Lori Rhodes, is a thrilling mystery novel that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. As typical of a Mary Stone, it is full of suspense, death, and mystery set in a dark atmosphere full of thrilling action and intriguing characters.

The book starts with former FBI Special Agent Rebecca West moving to a small Island town off the East Coast of the United States. A bad case lead Walker to leave the FBI and move to the small town of Shadow Island for the summer in order to recover from emotional scars and to start over.

She had fond memories of the Island having spent her childhood summers there, which is why she rented a place there.

Rebecca’s rest and relaxation plans are thwarted with the local older sheriff, in his late 60s and recently widowed begs Rebecca to help him investigate a missing girl case that quickly turns into a murder case which the small-town sheriff (who is understaffed) isn’t able to handle on his own.

Rebecca reluctantly joins the case. She ruffles feathers in town and with the other deputies, upset that the sheriff has deputized her. Her investigation leads to a mysterious secret club known as the “Yacht Club.” The locals, the sheriff included, are reluctant to talk about the club or even admit it exists. But Walker keeps pushing to find out if the Yacht Club rumors of wild sex parties are true and if they’re connected to the murder of the young local girl.

There are plenty of mystery and red herrings in this tight, action-packed crime thriller.

Some of it is predictable, but if you enjoy police procedurals featuring a female detective, you’ll enjoy Deputy Rebecca Walker and Shadow’s Secret.

“Shadow’s Secret” is a must-read for all fans of mystery and suspense. It is an outstanding thriller with an engaging plot and captivating characters. The writing is full of beauty and suspense, and the story is full of thrills and surprises. It is an enthralling read that is sure to please anyone who enjoys a good thriller with a mystery. Highly recommended.

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