Review: Fool Me Twice by Jeff Lindsay

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Fool Me Twice Riley Wolfe Series Mystery Thriller Penguin Group All formats 365 pages Amazon

Publisher’s Description

Pulling off an impossible crime is the only way he can stay alive.

Stealing a Faberge egg. Surviving a double cross. And pulling off the most incredible robbery ever, for the world’s most demanding—and dangerous collector.

This will be the challenge of thief extraordinaire Riley Wolfe’s life. 

Fool Me Twice opens in St. Petersburg, where Riley steals the egg—no easy task. Betrayed by the pilot he hired to help him get away, he wakes chained to a rock wall on one of the Kerguelen Islands—the most remote spot on earth—prisoner of a top-dog international arms dealer, and a top-notch art collector. He wants Riley to steal an artwork. Small problem–it’s a fresco, “The Liberation of St. Peter.” Slightly larger problem–it’s in the Vatican.

And, it’s a literal wall.

 Riley has no choice: agree or die. But when his captor turns him loose, he’s grabbed by another arms dealer looking to do a double cross. Worse, he gives Riley a special incentive: a surveillance photograph of Monique, the love of his life, and more important, the art forger he can’t pull off any heist without. The threat is clear. Riley knows they both have only one way out. 

With wicked dialogue, tons of explosive twists, and cinema-worthy scenes, Jeff Lindsay’s Fool Me Twice is another wildly entertaining caper starring the anti-hero you’ll root for, Riley Wolfe.

Thrilling Reads Review

In Fool Me Twice, master thief Riley Wolfe is back. The book (second one in the series) starts fast with a heist in Moscow which ends with his abduction and being forced to steal a painting by an arms dealer. No problem for a master thief, right? Well, it’s a fresco that is painted on a wall in the Vatican!

Jeff Lindsay packs a lot of twists, turns, and betrayals in this globetrotting story featuring the dark humor and an anti-hero protagonist that Jeff Lindsay is well known for in his Dexter series.

My Interview with the Author Jeff Lindsay

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